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Helping Solo Entrepreuneurs 

Solo entrepreneurship [solopreneurs] and the extraordinary rise in individuals’ willingness to take control of their own professional life are amongst the most exciting global trends in the work marketplace today. 

The pandemic saw a dramatic change in work habits, but the current ecosystem of owner-operated businesses has been forming for over a decade. Digital tools and ecosystems have largely given modern entrepreneurs the confidence to start out.  

Applying the same marketing approach than for corporate branding, we have have helped many senior former corporate executives jump successfully into solo entrepreneurship, build their own brands and business development tools. We are also guiding them in their digital journey.


Solos do not feel solo any longer.   

The questions solo entrepreneurs routinely face

  • I am a senior exec with a strong track record and expertise in large corporations. I know what I can sell, but how to build my own brand ?

  • I want to focus on business development and / or my marketing skills are limited. How can I build a trusted digital presence with budget constraints ?

  • I have as established and recognized know-how.  I (intent to) produce content. How can we make sure my voice can be heard and understood ?  

  • I am a solo and completely on my own. How can i be challenged or assisted on a regular basis to be more efficient ?


How can we help?

Create and design your own brand

from a unique positioning to an impactful and cohesive visual identity throughout all offline and online clients touchpoints.

Structure and present your services offering,

helping you build all your BD documentation from company presentation to business proposals  

Help you go digital

design your own website and social medias presence, helping you select the right digital tools for more efficiency (CRM, Emailing, etc)

Define and implement your thought leadership strategy

from publication and content strategy to its implementation and draftin, from newsletters to social medias posting. 

Act as your permanent marketing and BD team,

advising you on a regular basis on the evolution of your market offerings.  

  Wherever you are in the world, Digital Mekong is our favorite web and marketing services providers especially for consulting companies.

Olivier Solas

Managing partner at Isalys Augmented Management, France

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