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case study

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Helping an FMCG expert launch his consulting enterprise in SEA.​

#branding & creative ​

#marketing & business development​


#Hong Kong​



  • A senior APAC CEO,​

  • International lifestyle and fashion eperience,​

  • Notable links with numerous Maisons across Asia,​



  • Build a credible brand,​

  • Define the firm's purpose,​

  • Structure the service commitments,​

  • Create and design the sales kit.

Screenshot 2023-02-21 161853.png


Full brand visual identity - from the logo to all the brand applications,​

Brand purpose and positioning,​

Website - from development to content,​

Firm's presentation,​

Social media profiles.


"It was very pleasant to work with Laurent and the Digital Mekong team. They go way further than creating content and digital tool - they actually support you in expressing your brand message and fine tune the message you want to deliver to your prospects."​


Gael Hornebeck​

  Founder In-Asia​

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