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Renovating the online presence of one of the first foreign law firms in Vietnam.​

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  • Renovate the online presence of one of the most established foreign Law firms in Vietnam,​

  • Redefine the firm's value proposition and positioning.

Russin Vecchi brand.jpg


A new online presence, including a website and social media platforms,​

Rejuvenate the firm's branding - golden circles and value proposition,​

New firm's tagline and positioning - "At the forefront of Vietnam’s development since 1966...",​

New visual identity aligned with firm's positioning.


... The outcome was extremely positive. They delivered credible advice with their practical approach to law firm branding. Their ability to seize the characteristics of our firm and translate them into a sharp message has been valuable. Their work on brand positioning is the result of a deep knowledge of the legal industry and of a team that was focused on our needs.

Huu Minh Nhut Nguyen ​

Partner, Russin & Vecchi ​

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