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case study

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Create and structure the marketing and sales organization​

#CMO on demand ​

#marketing & business development ​

#branding & creative​


#legal & professional services  ​




  • Outsourcing solutions in Vietnam,​

  • Founded in 2006,​

  • 250 staff,​

  • HQ in Ho Chi Minh City,​

  • 3 offices;​



  • A new and fast-growing outsourcing service provider that is looking to expand commercially in France,​

  • Create, structure and organize the marketing and sales function.


Provided a Marketing and Sales Director with a comprehensive business development and marketing strategy,​

Set up a sales marketing team with a plan of action and tools for implementation,​

Introduced a new visual identity for the brand,​

Recruited a sales team.​


"This is a permanent note of gratitude to you, Laurent, for having brought our marketing capacity to a whole new level. I can't imagine where Officience would be today without your contribution. Come back anytime !​"

Duc Ha Duong, Founder Officience​

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