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case study


Building the online presence of one of the most prolific Vietnamese artists.

#branding & creative ​



TCS website.PNG


  • Accredited artist Foundation;​

  • A TCS family driven initiative supported by best friend from Hue - TCS's home town;​



  • Establish a comprehensive online presence for the TCS Foundation,​

  • This initiative commemorates the 20th anniversary of the deceased artist through a series of events,​

  • Convery cultural heritage from the artist (e.g., books, songs, paintings, poetry etc.,) through the website and social media channels. Whilst, in addition to this, helping fund the Foundation through events and the ecommerce boutique.



Complete visual identity of the Foundation's brand – from the logo to all the brand applications and merchandising;​

Website (from IT development to content) in 2 languages: English and Vietnamese;​

Implementation of a e-commerce module to sell TCS;​

Assistance for social media.​

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