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Witness the momentum of a leading business accelerator in Vietnam through a full rebranding.​

#marketing & business development ​

#branding & creative ​

#legal & professional services  ​


SOA cover.PNG


  • Leading business accelerator in Vietnam,​

  • Founded in 2007,​

  • Sourcing, Business Development & Corporate services,​

  • HQ Ho Chi Minh City,​

  • 40 staff;​



  • Establish the brand as a go-to international business accelerator in Vietnam, by reflecting the growth of SOA,​

  • Help redefine the value proposition of the company.

SOA logos 3.PNG


Brand's golden circles and purpose,​

New visual identity – from the logo to all the brand applications,​

Created the company's value proposition tagline: "Here to get you there",​

Company profile,​

Industry sectors and country profiles;​

Re-organized service offerings.​


Working with Laurent and Digital Mekong has been a pleasure. They took time to listen to our ideas, to bring added value and make sure that the final result is a "team work". When it comes to branding, communication and your company "identity", I believe this is crucial. They do not just do it for you, they do it with you.​

Thierry Mermet, Founder SOA​

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