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Create and develop a communication and marketing strategy for a subsidiary of the ISALYS Group

#Branding & creative 


#France Business development

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  • Specialist in augmented transition management. They supports its clients in transition and transformation through operational solutions. ISALYS GROUP

  • Website:


  • From strategy to business development

  • Support on positioning and branding

  • Create a website for a subsidiary of Isalys Group

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Brand visual identity : from the Graphic Chart to communication supports

Website : Creation, Development and Content


Social Media : Development and assistance  


On-going Assistance


"I had the opportunity to work with Laurent and his Digital Mekong team who provide us an efficient support while we were thinking about the web site we would need to promote Isalys AM offers. At an early and critical stage for us since we were about to implement a new model of consulting services mainly based on interim management model, Laurent provide us with substancial and relevant advises thanks to his hability to understand our business and to custulize his standard of services to our specificities. We are grateful for his help and his wise contribution, he never missed to follow up, to update and improve our web site and suggest various addtional and significant services dedicated to our digital communication. Where ever you are in the world, Digital Mekong is our favorite web and marketing services providers especially for consulting companies. 


Olivier Solas, Managing Partner chez ISALYS AUGMENTED MANAGEMENT

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