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Transforming a boutique equipment manufacturer into a leading industrial subcontractor in Vietnam.​

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  • Leading industrial equipment manufacturer,​

  • Founded in 1998,​

  • 250 staff,​

  • HQ in Ho Chi Minh City;​



  • Transform the brand from a small metal equipment manufacturer to  a leading industrial subcontractor in Vietnam, by designing and manufacturing our client's distinctly unique projects,​

  • Create a timeless visual brand identity,​

  • Continiously adapt all visual assets alongside the company development.

Stolz Miraz website.png


Brand's golden circles and purpose,​

New visual identity – from the logo to all the brand applications,​

Website - development and content,​

Sales kit – ranging from the company brochures and business proposals to design and content,​

Photos and videos of the new factory,​

On-going design assistance.​


"Laurent has been doing outstanding marketing job for us, with rebranding, new logo, website, brochure, etc... This has been a pleasure working with you, result is above the expectation. Talented, with a capacity to understand your business and thus realize the necessary for your company.​"

Thibaut Giroux, CEO Stolz Miras, President of the French Chamber of Commerce​

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